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Oct 12, 2007
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Moultrie, Georgia
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NNBS Owner/FireFighter, from Moultrie, Georgia

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Feb 23, 2017 at 8:37 PM
    1. Wchasep
      Do you have any pictures of your truck
    2. setty7
      u got any pics of ur truck man?
    3. BGERALD
      the boys that are with the city...all of them with 4x4s lol or 2wd it dont matter
    4. BGERALD
      loftis, u need to get some of those fire fighter boys to come see me for some leveling kit installs..ive got ford keys on deck and i got a few levels for NNBS's
    5. Dspivey
      a few of us are having a mini gmfs meet at a local benefit truck show for a kid.....look in the events section under hunter king truck show.
    6. 2007NNBS
      I dont have them anymore but they rubbed the sway bar at near full lock and that was it
    7. DubDaddy86
      Does your truck rub much? Did you have to do much trimming? I have a 3.5 lift coming in this week and I'm wanting to get some 33 graps for mine but I'm also leaning towards a less aggressive tire in hopes it wont rub, or rub as much. I DO NOT want to trim at all. Thanks bud..
    8. Krackhouse
      I just saw a pic of your truck with the BMFs on it. It looks badass! I just sold my 08 Duramax and bought an 07 silverado 1500. I had the 20 BMF Novakanes on my Duramax, and was thinking of putting them on my new truck. I had a few questions for you though (if you don't mind):
      What lift did you put on?
      What size/offset wheels are those?
      What size tires?
      Any rubbing issues?
      Sorry for all the questions, i just really like those wheels.
      I was hoping to put 22s with a 33" tire on my new truck. Also, could you send me some bigger pics? Thanks a lot.

      [email protected]
    9. MM Tweak
      MM Tweak
      how much do you want for the grill ?
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    Moultrie, Georgia
    Arch. Designer
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    2007 CrewCab Silverado 5.3L LT2/2.5" CCM Level/285/70R17 Nitto Terra Grapplers

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