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Feb 9, 2018
    1. AbsolutHank
      Not sure...you can send a PM to FASTWS6TA (Phil) for information. I think he even has a how-to on YouTube
    2. ZPOWELL
      Not sure why I said signal, meant reflector. Is there a thread or a how to?
    3. AbsolutHank
      The turn signals are still there (bulbs replaced with LED switchbacks) but the headlights have been cleared and the orange reflector has been removed.
    4. ZPOWELL
      Was curious about your headlights, did you delete the turn signal yourself or are they aftermarket ones? This will def be one of the next mods I do.
    5. AbsolutHank
      Thanks man. 305/50R22 Toyo
    6. BLKChevy22
      Hank, I think I erased it by accident, What size tires did you have on your 22 inch rims?? thanks again. BTW the New red GMC is awesome man. Congrats on the new ride.

    7. Lexsteel
      i gotta know what you have done to that red silverado. what lift what wheels. man that is hands down the nicest looking chevy i have ever seen! get back to me man.
    8. AbsolutHank
    9. l PATRICK l
      l PATRICK l
      The total performance is a 3inch kit correcT?
    10. Rickdz29
      First off, Nice truck! looks great!
      What brand of HID did you install on your truck? Have you had any issues with them at all? I cant decide what brand to go with and I heard some horror stories.
    11. SubtleChrome
      Have you had any problems out of the TP leveling kit? I'm planning on running it on my truck when I have to replace my tires, but I've heard of UCA problems with this kit. What are your experiences? TIA
    12. motoman101
      Hey man love your truck just wondering what backspacing, width, and offset your 22's are? I want to get the exact same setup with black fuel hostage 22 x 9.5 and with 285/55/22 nitto terra grapplers I just need to decide on a what offset and bs would be the best so it doesn't rub too bad and i want it to almost be flush with the fender maybe about 1/2 inch outside. Thanks a lot.
    13. ATOM
      question for ya, i was reading some of your old threads and one time you say you got a 2" block stacked with the factory block, and then I read you got 2.75" total blockage in the rear, did you change your setup or ?
    14. vmaxfamily06
      Do you still have the rims for sale if they are still for sale let me know.
    15. Jimbo7412
      u by chance have the part number for that levelin kit u bought,
    16. Jimbo7412
      just wanna start off by sayin i really hate u now, the truck looks amazin, i think im gonna switch to the kit u bought, the 22s look perfect, i was a lil skeptic on the idea at first but it looks great, and u had to get a red truck didnt you, im jealous man, again it looks great
    17. The General
      The General
      hey man do you plan on selling your 20s after you get your lift/ new wheels and tires? sick looking truck BTW
    18. Jimbo7412
      there was a guy on here runnin that total performance kit clearin 35s on his stockers, it was a red crew cab looked good, hope to see pics of ur truck cause i may switch to that kit if i will clear 35s
    19. VolsG8rH8r
      nice truck.. i really like stance, headlights, and exhuast.... post more pictures of it if you have them.. i have 03 GMC black short bed z71
    20. 02 Chevy
      02 Chevy
      Nice truck to man
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    2014 GMC Sierra
    6" Procomp Lift : 35" Toyo AT II Tires : 20" Black Rhino Wheels : AMP Steps : GMFS Mods