Jan 4, 2011
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    1. 07SILVY
      I've been researching bilstein 5100's at the lowest setting with a 2" spacer and saw in a thread that it sounded like you're running that setup (2.59" total front lift). I was curious if you liked the setup. I want it leveled but I also want a smooth ride (i'm still running factory shocks @ 122k miles, lol). Does your truck ride well? I know it won't be a Cadillac but I feel every little crack in the road right now. Oh, I have a NNBS CC 1500 2wd by the way. Any info would be greatly appreciated, thank you.
    2. l PATRICK l
      l PATRICK l
      Julian, you boys have got a double barreled shotgun loaded with shit, and it's pointed right at your head!!

      "Wait, so the barrel is bent back at them Mr. Lahey?"
      "That's right Randy, let's go bub"
    3. l PATRICK l
      l PATRICK l
      lol "randy, I am the liquor bub"
    4. l PATRICK l
      l PATRICK l
      lol ricky always says that in the show
    5. l PATRICK l
      l PATRICK l
      Love the Ricky avatar, looks like you've got your life together bub
    6. WildChevys
      my bumper is fine bud, looks like the day it got painted
    7. WildChevys
      yea I throw shit up, but nothing serious that's destroying my paint. I have a few chips here and there but nothing serious at all
    8. JNWFJ
      I've always liked griots car wash, and meguiars paste wax. But after trying the samples from Surf City Garage they're car wash and sealant(think they call it spray glaze? It's the water activated one you spray on after washing while it's still wet) both those are amazing, the glass cleaner I haven't tried, the spray on wax is average. I've always preferred the non wax protectant like "nu finish" with a coat of paste wax overtop(P21s is my favorite, doesn't stain trim at all) if it ever stops raining here I'm gunna do the SCG wash, with the spray glaze, followed by nu finish then a coat of p21s and should be the best combo/shine yet.
    9. kmn62878
      hey i was reading about the sst lift and was wondering if 20 x 10 fit. i saw your friends pictures and wanted to know the rim specs. did the tires rub? what triming did you have to do? is he on GMFS or can you help me out?

      my email is [email protected]
    10. raginazn616
      thanks man



      that's all the pics i've got, i just put 275/70/18s on it, so i can't take anymore of the 265s
    11. jpdc22
    12. WillyPaul
      I dont have a photobucket account so i havnt figured out how to post pics to here or on forums but if you take a look at my album on my page I have several pics of my truck with the leveling kit hope it helps and nice looking truck you have
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