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    1. GeneTx
      ScottBoy, I am new here, but had question for you about the e-fan conversion you did. I have a 01 silverado and followed you instructions on the install. What I want to know after the install, do the fans run all the time . Mine run on low speed as soon as the engine starts and on high speed when a/c is turned on. Any suggestions? Thank you.
      1. plato442
        That's how all
        Of mine ran
        Sep 26, 2016
      2. ScottyBoy
        No, mine don't run all the time. First off, you need to have a custom engine performance tuner turn on the pin in the computer to trigger the fans. If you don't get it tuned, the fans can either not come on at all, or else stay on all the time like yours are doing.
        Sep 27, 2016
    2. Lowrider
      I read your instructions on changing out the 02 temp control panel with blue led's but as others I don't understand how you can use one 330 ohm resistor on the cut wire for the lower board when the calculation for 3 or 4 led's is around 150 ohm's
    3. kennedysdad
      Hey Scotty My Name Is K.D I Stay In Shreveport An Wanted To No If You Do Any Work On The Side I Have A 01 Sierra You Can Text Me At 318 207 4690 Thanks In Advance
    4. MRobi
      Will you please link me to the power window and door lock control led swap?
    5. DrakerBo
      do you need resistors if i put leds in my turning signal lapmps up front and side makers?
    6. bigwreck
      Hey Scottyboy, I see that you are the unofficial LED expert here. I gotta quick question about a problem I am having. I am doing the complete interior mod and have done all but my gauge cluster as I am waiting on an escalade cluster. I have an 02 rc sb base model with power locks, the problem is with the headlamp switch, I can only seem to get good illumination on the little circle symbol on this switch. I have carefully added two extra bulbs but still not good enough. Have you ran into this problem before? The switch mechanism on the inside is so big and is basically in the way where the bulbs really need to go for good illumination. Any suggestions would be appereciated.
    7. tcr0148
      the manifold is only 3 months old but if I do get it back, I'll let you know
    8. scottod17
      are they still avail?
    9. 03regcab
      Please PM price to do leds( match to denali gauge cluster ) radio, heat/ac control(manual not digital), headlight switch, fog switch, and both door window/lock switches. I had a tranny gauge, white needles, and I guess denali overlay done about 6 years lights up a blue/green? (oem color i guess for denali) and everything else is white bulbs. Everyone on this forum likes your work and service. I'm close to OK City...shipping shouldn't be to bad. Hope to hear from you with a price. Thanks.
    10. 00silvyME
      Hey I have an 04 Sierra and saw that you do a real clean job at the LED gauge lighting. Saw that alot of people pay you to do it for them? What do you charge and the overall turn around time on the Gauge cluster, AC panel, and headlight switch?
    11. jvoisel
      Do it :read:


      Yours already looks almost this high though.
    12. Major225
      can you tell me how to do LEDS in the ac control panel and door locks on an 2005 silverado
    13. 03gmcaz
      how did u take apart 05 singles ac controls?
    14. mkfriedrich
      im in gulfport ms, would love for you to do this to mine with the ac controls. please get back with me about a price
    15. dorritos29
      how much would you charge for a 2006 single cab silverado? i want to get blue LEDs and how long would the tournaround time be?
    16. slosh
      What is the turnaround time to have this modification done. Would you be able to share for each part what size bulbs and resistors are used? Do I have to supply the hardware? Do you warranty your work at all if something would happen to a bulb? Also have you have any conversions where some "spots" Are brighter than other?

      Thanks again as I am anxiously awaiting to have you do this conversion for me.
    17. baldd86
      Hi I was wondering if you had a pic on how to install the leds on the ac unit for the 03 the manual kind. Did you use switches for these aswell? I am trying to dd this.
    18. slosh
      How much would you charge to do an Blue LED upgrade to an 2006 silverado? I would like to have all the switches done which inludes the main dash cluster, all door switches, 4x4 switches, HVAC switches, and foglight/cargo light switches. I could overnight the parts and I could pay to have them oivernighted back. Just let me know. thanks
    19. 05chevy04yfz
      how much you charge to change all the bulbs blue on a 05 rcsb half mine are burnt out
    20. Menyce
      Interested in getting everything changed in my 03 ext. cab. Wondering how much.
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