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Jul 27, 2017 at 2:43 PM
    1. blt2tuk
      I sent you a pm about the front strong arm set up. If need be email me at [email protected]
    2. LAIDON24S
      @Slammedchevy01 how do I get in touch with you about the KP kit? Email me [email protected]
    3. Tukn4s
      your PM box is full
    4. scr8pin
      I just seen your post about all clear tail lights for 99-06 gmc sierra. I was wondering what are the chances you still have a pair? Thanks
    5. Slammedchevy01
    6. on1wheel06
      clear up your inbox so i can send you my #
    7. Slammedchevy01
      I got mine in Hayward @ Classic Soft Trim. Very nice shop & nice employee's, they do alot of the sunroof for dealers too. It was about $1200
    8. Jerryrig
      Hey man, I was just reading a sun roof forum, and u said u had the webasto 700. And you've had it for like 4-5 years with out any problems. I then saw that you live in nor cal. I do as well....and I was wondering where the shop is located that u got yours done and how much I they charged to do it. Thanks man,
    9. Slammedchevy01
      The deepest one they make!

      TexasMade search my post I posted pics of my interior =)
    10. spinz0r
      Did you have the subthump box with the 7" mounting depth or 8 inch???
      do u have any pics of ur interior from ur sig it look awsome
    12. dragitbreakitfixit
      oops wrong spot to send a pm...
    13. mikeg212001
      what up man, i met u in brentwood at jk mart days ago. stumbled across your page on the forum. just sayin whats up. oh, do u know anyone who has some used spindles and mini nothches theyre lookin to get rid of? im think about droppin my truck more. hit me up, or stop by big o tires in brentwood any tues- sat
    14. Moondoggy-47
      I had just gone back and looked at the double din thread, It turned out good, No pics cause my truck got broke into, SO i just got the new one back in still need to fill in the gaps on the side though.
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    Sep 2, 1983 (Age: 33)
    Nor-Cal 925


    2k1 silverado ART, KP, EDC, Viair etc :popcorn: