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    1. 08chevy87
      Awesome truck man great setup, best looking truck on here I think! I currently have a 2.25 ready lift level with 17x9 -12 mm with 285 70 r17 and have slight rubbing in full lock backing up. I just ordered 33x12.50r17's and a rc 1.25" bl and was wondering what kind of trimming you did for your set up. I know you probably had to trim more than I will have to but if I do have to trim some metal was wondering how you did it?
    2. GCncsuHD
      If you want it to exit behind the passenger tire, stock style exit, it sounds like the stock exhaust tailpipe from a 2500HD or a Sierra Denali would work for you, if you can find one.
    3. GCncsuHD
      You will be much better off buying random bends and cutting/welding it together to get the exit you are wanting. Shops that can bend larger than 3.5" are few and far between, especially ones that can mandrel bend it. There are a few race shop suppliers around here that can, but it would cost you. You could even look into finding the stock exhaust off a 2500HD, 6.0 and 6.6 both use 3.5" factory exhaust, and you could cut their tailpipe up to fit what you need.
    4. jdchevy52
      Did your white chevy rub any with the 295 trail graps and the 2.5 leveling kit?
    5. tarheeljd71
      I just read your post about Armour All damage. I have just seen the same thing. I was wondering how did you solve the problem. Did you end up having to paint it?
    6. l PATRICK l
      l PATRICK l
      what level did you go with
    7. sdocamaro
      Your truck looks great and that is the look I am going for. How much trimming did you have to do to get 295s to clear? I am stubborn and want the biggest possible tire.
    8. Beerman.
      what'd you fork over for the 1500 on steroids? I'd like the extra power but with gas prices going up I'm debating
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    2010 Silverado 6.2 LTZ w/Z71 appearance pkg, 4" CST + leveling Bilsteins & 1.25" BL, 33X12.50 Toyo Open Country, 22x12 AF, Airraid M.I.T., AFE dry filter, Magnaflow, UWS under-rail toolbox, 2.5% tint
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