1965 Chevy C-10 Pick Up

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    Hi All;
    Name is Bob Hardisty and I live in a small rual town called Southlake, Texas. It is about 8 miles north east from DFW airport.
    I Have recently acquired a 1965 Chevy Pick up C-10. It is in very good condition for its age. It has a Patina appearance that would probably be acceptable to many P/U restorers. It has the 283 engine with the two barrel carb I just overhauled. I put in a new starter, removed the fuel tank and pressure washed the inside and etched it, I repainted the outside of the tank and installed a new Quantity probe. I checked all 4 brake drums, lining and cylinders and all are in good shape and have plenty of wear left and no groves in the drums. I lubed the complete front-end. The bed is all original and still has the original wood planks. none broken through. It has a new bed bolt kit installed. The Radiator is a fairly new unit. It is a 3 speed manual transmission with 3 on the tree. The interior is in good condition, the seat has been recovered. All the glass is in good condition, no cracks or obstructions except for the the windshield on the passengers side has some wiper blade scratches. I have installed 4 new 235-75R-15 Tires on 4 repainted white spoke wheels. I have all 4 original wheels with hubs caps. The engine runs however letting off the accelerator from a high RPM I do get some greyish smoke out the tail pipe telling me that the valve guides and seals maybe leaking. The left front fender has a rusted out hole in the lower aft corner I have another left fender. I also have both right and left inner fenders as the ones in there now do have rusted out spots. The floor board has some rusted out spots that I am sure can be easily patched. Overall the truck body is in very good condition with some rusted out areas that can can be easily repaired. The front bumper, grill and headlight frames are all in good condition. The rear bumper has the chrome coming off at the center area where I am sure trailer hook ups has caused this damage. I do have the heavy duty rear bumper that would need sandblasted and repainted.
    At this time I don't know what I want to do on this truck. Sell it or restore it? I know it would be a great restoration project for somebody who really would like to do a 1965 Pick-up.

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