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    i have a 05 gmc lly and this is the second time the engine has shut down while driving do the road. The first time it happened i did some research and said to check the wiring harness to the FICM. So i did check it and did not see a problem still no start checked for codes and none there, it sat for a few days till the weekend so i could work on it. I went out and tried to start that weekend and it fired right up. I have no idea what changed so i started driving it again about 3 months later it did it again driving down the shut off like someone turned the key off. i had it towed to my job rechecked the wires still did not see a problem and it did not start. it sat for a week and now it starts again. i am at a loss and beginning to wonder if the FICM could be the problem! i spoke with my Buddy that works at Chevy and he say he keeps these in stock and sells them often. Any help with this would be greatly appreciated because i am afraid to drive it again and it leave me stranded. I don't want to buy a 1100.00 part and it not fix it.
    Thank you for you help

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