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    1988 G20, 350 auto. Explorer conversion. Has a dead short on the gauge fuse leading to no charge condition from alternator. Post on the back of the alternator is outputting 14V, 11 at the battery. Continuity through the fusible link at the firewall. Battery voltage at the alternator with the engine off.
    According to the admittedly limited wiring diagram I have viewed, the pink/black wire from the alternator runs to the gauge fuse, unfortunately there is a splice, number 39. I have no idea where this bastard is.
    Also, the fuse pops with the alternator unplugged. It also pops with the cluster out.It pops with both unplugged. It pops with the egr, injectors, transmission, steering column, timing wire unplugged.
    I took the fuse box down, and there are no actual wires leading to this fuse, just a brass strip. I tried the old hillbilly wire-instead-of-fuse-look -for-smoke-trick and the wire got smoked instantly and welded to the fuse box.

    I am a mechanic and familiar with wiring diagrams; this van is so tight under the dash it's hell. Any ideas where the pink/black splice #39 is? I'm thinking the problem is there. I'm going to remove the bulkhead connector tonight and check it.

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