Important what dash cam do truckers use

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    According to the relative laws and regulation and the actual condition of the road, the road transfer company set and monitor the limits of speeding and fatigued driving, and the approved operating lines, areas and night driving time, and so on.


    Setting the limit of speeding an fatigue driving, in principle, the driver can’t driver more than 8 hours in 24 hours, continual driving can’t more than 4hours in daytime , continual driving can’t more than 3hours in nighttime, the parking time can’t less than 20 minutes, Passenger vehicles to travel at night must not exceed the daytime speed limit of 80%.

    Actually, it is necessary to install a dash cam to mainly record the accident video, the monitor the drivers’ trajectory. The dash cam will play an important role in the spacial situation.


    what dash cam do truckers use
    The quality of the dash cam depends on the equipment of better lens and cost-effective. The better equipment is 1296p super HD lens, which shot a clear image to a large extent.

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