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Registered Members

Registered Members

Information on removing all ads from and to be able to post a new thread in the Classifieds section can be found here.
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New to the website? Please introduce yourself.
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General GM Discussions

General topics about fullsize GM trucks.
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Keep your fullsize well-maintained.
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Classic GM

Discuss pre-88 trucks and SUV's here.
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Discuss products, techniques, and all other detailing topics.
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The Garage

Discuss tools and everything else that happens in the garage.
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Street Suspension

Lowered and air ride suspension.
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Lifted Suspension & Offroad

Discuss lifted trucks and off-roading.
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Paint, wheels, lighting, etc.
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Upholstery, trim, gauges, etc.
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Audio & Electronics

Stereo equipment and other electronics.
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Engine & Performance

Intake, exhaust, cam swaps, etc.
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Lighting & Illumination

Discuss interior and exterior lighting here.
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Duramax Diesel

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Photo Gallery

Member Trucks

Post pictures of your truck!
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Under Construction

Post photos of your projects coming together. Build-up threads only!
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Photos & Videos

Miscellaneous truck photos and videos.
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Show off your photoshop skills and post signature requests.
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Tech & Product Reviews

Member Evaluations

Post your evaluations of shops, products, and other members.
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Technical Department

View, post, or ask questions about technical articles here.
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Parts & Accessories For Sale

Do you have parts or accessories you would like sell? Post them here.
You will need at least 100 posts on the forums and be a member here for 5 days or more before you can post a new listing here.
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Vehicles For Sale

Want to sell your truck or any other vehicle? You can do that here.
You will need at least 100 posts on the forums and be a member here for 5 days or more before you can post a new listing here.
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Miscellaneous Items For Sale

Post anything you care to sell that is not auto or parts related here.
You will need at least 100 posts on the forums and be a member here for 5 days or more before you can post a new listing here.
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Need something?
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eBay Auctions

Post truck related eBay auctions.
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Group Purchases

Only GMFS staff and authorized members are allowed to conduct group purchases.
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Vendor Member Section

Vendor Deals

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BellTech/DJM/Replica Wheels

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Black Bear Performance

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Lock'er Down Security Products

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Tonneau Factory Outlet

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The Rag Company

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Community Help Section

Community Help

All site related comments, suggestions, and questions will be addressed here.
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Test your avatars, signatures, and photos.
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Off Topic Section


Anything and everything that deal with sports goes on in here.
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Home Improvement

Discuss anything to to do with home remodels from kitchens to the backyard here.
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OHV Forum

A place to talk about your toys. From boats, PWC, quads, dirtbikes, airplanes, and so on.
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Any political events you want to post will need to go here. Play nice everyone...
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Plan and discuss GMFS events.
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