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  • bat_man ·
    ok that sound good, let me get through with the pait and body part and that will be my next project. every thing just bolts up correct. there is no fab work required.
    JYD ·
    are you looking for the complete bolt on kit, calipers, rotors and everything? or just the brackets and hardware? just the brackets and hardware are $249 for the fronts, and $149 for the rears. if you want everything, ready to bolt onto your truck and go, I do that for $3000 shipped, full set up front and rear.
    laid yukon ·
    if you are wanting to cover the plastick handle itself i would not advise it and i would not do it . it would be to hard to get the material to conform to something like that for it to be worth the effort. it would just come off eventualy from the use of the handle. as for covering the whole door panels i can do that no problem. i would charge in theball park about 600-700 to cover both door panels and that includes material and labor. let me know if ya might want me to do that for you and thanks for looking at my work and considering me to help you with your interior needs.
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