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  • Jmaxfield ·
    Can you give me your exact measurements that you used to make your front suspension model? D you have drop spindles on your final front design?
    Kaotik808 ·
    Hey Aaron. Have a question. Gonna start doing a body drop on my truck in Jan. I notice one of your pic with a/c fan blower. Did u made it or order it?
    ridin2slow ·
    I figured you were in for SEMA, I was like, white leer, white wheels, raised rear bumper, NUMATK on the plate, i know that truck! I was trying to catch up, wish I would've been in my truck! I spotted it right after the spaghetti bowl freeway interchange near downtown until right about even with the hotels on the strip......may or may not have noticed the jeep, had a pink monster M on the 3/4 glass
    ridin2slow ·
    Dude that truck looks amazing and rolls hard that low! I just saw you cruising down i15 through Vegas , right as we approached traffic, I tried tO catch up and say what's up but kept getting stuck behind stupid people, I was in a brand new black Jeep
    groundbound ·
    hey man sick truck, the caps great, tryin to find a model that has the solid side glass that comes down to the bedrail like the one in ur sig, whats the model and year cuz i dont see it on their website unless its jus not showing the one for my truck
    lowgmc03 ·
    is it easy enough to make bag cups i got a 03 gmc and looked over your threadand was just wondering... and if you have a thread of the installation. thanx
    SMiGGs ·
    Whats up bro, i was gonna ask you about the ride quality on your bagged truck. How well does it absorb bumps and riding through rough roads, compared to stock?
    MikeMan24 ·
    Hey I thought i read somewhere that you have a thread for when you bagged your truck. I can't find it anywhere. I have the same truck and want to bag it like yours. Send me a link to yours or someone's that could help me out. Thanks!
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