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  1. New Site Banner - Images Needed

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  2. The BAGGED NNBS thread (07+)

    Street Suspension
    They didn't have one "ready to ship" so it took about 10 days to make and then shipped in about 4 days to me.
  3. The BAGGED NNBS thread (07+)

    Street Suspension
    Ah, I see what you mean. I guess I'll wait and see where everything sits once the front is done
  4. The BAGGED NNBS thread (07+)

    Street Suspension
    So here it is. The rear is done. About 1” to 1.5” from laying frame because it hits the hitch. I still have plenty of space in the notch to go lower. I still have to redo the spray in bed liner. I also have the extensive front kit on the way. Sending them my stock spindles tomorrow so...
  5. The BAGGED NNBS thread (07+)

    Street Suspension
    So it’s done... I’ll post up some pics later, but what does everyone do with their hitch? I need to keep my hitch but it sits way too low. I’d like my bumper to lay on the ground I’m thinking of doing the roll pan hidden hitch, but using it with the OEM bumper... anyone have any ideas?
  6. The BAGGED NNBS thread (07+)

    Street Suspension
    I went ahead and ordered it off eBay. I’ll post up a review once it’s installed.
  7. The BAGGED NNBS thread (07+)

    Street Suspension
    Truck is getting extensive rear notch and avs tubs ride now. I know I need to go with a 2 piece drive shaft. Anyone ever seen or gone with a kit like this on eBay? It's from Performance Driveline. Obviously it’s more expensive than finding a used one in the junk yard and making my own carrier...
  8. NNBS LTZ light wood steering wheel

    Parts & Accessories For Sale
    SOLD PM'ed
  9. Escalade Cluster and Bezel for NNBS

    Parts & Accessories For Sale
  10. Your vehicles, as they sit now...

    Member Trucks
    Aired out on Daytona Beach today...
  11. Power Stop Red Powdercoated Brake Calipers with Rotors 07-13 Chevy GMC 1500

    Parts & Accessories For Sale
    Interested, but can we get real pics...
  12. Your vehicles, as they sit now...

    Member Trucks
    Finished the 2500hd swap (not doing the bumper) and added Esky mirrors...
  13. The Static NNBS Thread(07 up)

    Street Suspension
    Not done, just cleaned it up a little bit...
  14. Bagged NNBS CC

    There was a nice white one on eBay a week or so ago...
  15. Belltech 6522 - 7" Rear Drop Flip Kit - $140 shipped - 07-13 GM Std Cab

    Parts & Accessories For Sale
  16. 05’ dual climate control

    search for "actuator"
  17. Sirius XM antenna location with sunroof GMC Yukon

    Audio & Electronics
    Those were the days... hide them behind the radio and forget about it.
  18. 07Burb's 2003 Silverado Extended Cab Short Bed

    Under Construction
    Looks great!!!
  19. Official Retrofit thread

    Lighting & Illumination
    Yup, read this thread a bunch. I like the idea of the Morimoto D2S 4.0 square lens projectors I'm throwing that option around as well. Maybe have @B_Pier take a look and give me a quote...
1-20 of 154 Results