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  1. General GM Discussions
    I’ve got a 2019 GMC Sierra 2500 with 42k miles on it that has just been chewing through sensors recently. It’s been in the shop 3 times now for that same sensor (fuel rail pressure sensor on passenger side). GM has advised me to have the entire engine harness replaced which will run me about...
  2. Lifted Suspension & Offroad
    Hi guys, I’m new here but I have an 03 GMC Sierra 2500hd ext cap long bed with the 8.1l in it. I currently have 35s on it with minimal front fender cutting. I do rub my sway bar when I fill lock to the left, but other then that it’s been great. I want to go bigger though, just seeing what...
  3. Exterior
    I have a '99 Silverado 2500 heavy duty with a 6.0. I'm looking for a raised hood, hd hood, or something close to it without just a cowl. I'm looking everywhere online but everything I see is for 89-98, or 01-02, or just a 1500. The body shop and dealership tells me the only other hood I can...
  4. Lighting & Illumination
    Just want to get an idea of what some of you guys are running for aftermarket or modified lights .... Have seen a few options online but they aren't ever on the trucks .. looking for 15 year body style 2500HD's
1-4 of 4 Results