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  1. Audio & Electronics
    Hey guys, having a recent issue with my Tahoe. None of the door locks work, I can hear the relays clicking. Key fob activates the locks as well but only hear the relay clicking. When you open the door the alarm starts going off. Also the security light is illumated on the dash, goes away when it...
  2. Audio & Electronics
    So I just had a tranny swapped into my 93 blazer now I have 9> volts reading and drops below when toggle lights or any electrical accessory. Then also wipers stay on constant while driving any info will help. Just started to hesitate and stall out when going to park it.
  3. Technical Department
    I purchase a 1999 gmc sierra for $400 that had a bad transmission. I replaced the transmission with one that came out of a wrecked running truck. The truck shifts fine and I can manually put it in 1st-3rd but im getting a bunch of codes related to the transmission along with other codes. I have...
  4. Maintenance
    So This had me beat and I thought maybe it happened to somebody else, The turn signals in my 04 sierra 1500 started fritzing out. Ive replaced the flasher relay and several bulbs, checked the fuses. All the lights work on the truck as intended except now, when I hit my brakes the turn signal...
1-4 of 4 Results