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  1. Technical Department
    I have a factory 2010 crew cab 2wd short bed sierra. My truck has factory drums and 4.8l. I'm interested in what it would take to do a full rear-end swap from another nnbs truck that has disk breaks and better rear gear. My truck is weak when it come to towing or even driving up steep incline...
  2. Engine & Performance
    Hey all, I've got a '02 Sierra 2500 I finally regularly tow with, 8,000# or so fifth wheel and a smaller car hauler. I ended up doing a full float dually axle swap, and I have the 4.10s in the rear (what was in the axle) and 3.73s up front. I'm getting to the point where I need to swap gears up...
  3. Lifted Suspension & Offroad
    Looking to start modifications to my fully stock ECSB '12 1500. Wanting to run 33" tires and increase off-road performance. It will be my daily driver and my weekend mountain adventure mobile. Multiple times a year I end up in extremely rugged terrain that fully maxes out stock suspension and do...
1-3 of 3 Results