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  1. Just need y’alls opinion

    Lifted Suspension & Offroad
    I have an ‘07 Sierra 1500 WT, I want to put a lift on her as well as bigger rims and tires. But, she has 168,000 (and some change) miles on her..Is it too late? I plan on keeping her for at least another 5+ years. I just thought I’d throw this up there for a couple other opinions. P.S - She...
  2. Shackles question.

    General GM Discussions
    I have a sloght lean problem with my truck (its 2006 gmc sierra single with a 3/6) i alright have the front driver side situation planned out already. All thats left is the rear driver side it hangs abiut an inch lower than the passanger side. I have a 6" flipkit does anyone know if its oky to...
  3. 2011 GMC Sierra 1500 4.8 ecm problems

    Site News
    I installed a new ac Delco ecm from rock auto and now the truck won’t start. I also tried turning the key on for 11 minutes and off for 30 sec repeated times. Unplugged the battery terminals as well still nothing. What’s the method?
  4. Used GMC Sierra

    Hello! I am looking into buying my first vehicle, and like many other high school students my age, I don´t have a lot of knowledge with cars/trucks. I am pursuing a career on a full time ranch and looking to buy a used 3/4 ton truck. I am hoping to gain some knowledge from this forum about what...