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  1. Audio & Electronics
    Help! Please! 2001 suburban LT, non Bose. Everything has been working fine for 4 years now since I bought it used. OEM Head unit. A month ago the stereo would cut out all sound sporadically, 2x/3x a week. Now there’s NO sound at all, but all displays and buttons work fine. I start pulling...
  2. Street Suspension
    Getting ready to drop my 05 Suburban z71 with a DJM 3/5 kit. I currently have 20”x10” wheels with -18 offset. I will be getting 265/45r20 tires for the front, and 275/45r20 for the rear. I love the wider stance it gives the truck. I’ve been told I’ll have to get new wheels in order for them to...
  3. Engine & Performance
    Hello, just wondering on your guys opinions on a gen 4 swap so i can use a 6l80 or just try to swap a 6l80 in on an 03 sierra, I'm sick and tired of having a 4l60 and I refuse to use a 4l80 because of the rather sickening gearing. I know there's that 6l80 harness from zero gravity performance...
  4. Wanted
    Need a set of 4 OEM escalade handles, chrome pull must be in good shape Also looking for a set of clear denali headlights Need a set of DL3 mirrors with chrome or paintable caps Also need the sharkfin off an 06-07 truck
1-4 of 4 Results