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lift kit

  1. Introduction
    Hey guys. New here. I joined in order to talk to people with like interests and get recommendations on my truck. I have a 1996 K1500 4 door 4wd non Z71 Centurion Conversion. 1 of maybe 6 in 1996. I know Centurion converted 30 or so trucks each year from around 1993 to 2000. Some were 4 door long...
  2. Lifted Suspension & Offroad
    I got a 04 Tahoe stock I’m looking to throw a lift on, nothing crazy just a 3-4 inch lift. I was wondering if anyone could give me a estimate or price range or how much installment would cost for a shop or somewhere to install the lift for.. appreciate it thanks!
  3. Lifted Suspension & Offroad
    Does anybody know if you can add lift knuckles to a 6in RC lift.
  4. General GM Discussions
    Does anyone know of a lift kit made for these trucks I can’t seem to find anything
  5. Lifted Suspension & Offroad
    Looking to start modifications to my fully stock ECSB '12 1500. Wanting to run 33" tires and increase off-road performance. It will be my daily driver and my weekend mountain adventure mobile. Multiple times a year I end up in extremely rugged terrain that fully maxes out stock suspension and do...