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  1. Lighting & Illumination
    So I know the Fleece and Boostauto chips for the All Lights On goes into a wire clip under the dash but none of their videos explain which way the "bottle cap" should face if using a diode to do this mod. I have the diode and would like to do it this way to save a few bucks but don't want to put...
  2. Lighting & Illumination
    Hi all. I’m looking to upgrade the fogs on my 06 Sierra but I don’t want to just change the bulb, I want to put either Rigid Duallys or Baja Designs Squadron Pros in there. Are any of you running those? If so, how did you mount them and how difficult was it? Any pics? Thanks in advance!
  3. Lighting & Illumination
    Just want to get an idea of what some of you guys are running for aftermarket or modified lights .... Have seen a few options online but they aren't ever on the trucks .. looking for 15 year body style 2500HD's
1-3 of 3 Results