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  1. Street Suspension
    Getting ready to drop my 05 Suburban z71 with a DJM 3/5 kit. I currently have 20”x10” wheels with -18 offset. I will be getting 265/45r20 tires for the front, and 275/45r20 for the rear. I love the wider stance it gives the truck. I’ve been told I’ll have to get new wheels in order for them to...
  2. General GM Discussions
    Alright so I currently have a 96 obs that I love. Recently though I drove a 99 nbs and fell in love with how it drove and the interior. My question is what are the pros and cons of the two would it be worth the upgrade?
  3. Engine & Performance
    Finally got my MBRP exhaust installed on my Z71 Burb. I wasn’t sure how I’d like the rumble inside with kids and such but it turned out to be very subtle. Check it out and tell me what y’all think. Next up is the LS9 Cam swap and some mote tuning. I already tuned it and turned the PINS on and...
  4. Interior
    What’s up everyone? Has anybody on here ever put a 06 style full console into an OBS. Looking to throw one in my 98. Just curious if there are any aftermarket companies that accommodate this to fill the gaps between the console and the dash or this is gonna turn into a pricy project.
  5. Introduction
    Well it's been a while since i've visited this website. The firt time I introduced my self I was 14, with a bone stock NBS. Well I am now 16 with the same NBS but it's no longer stock. Although it's still a work in progress as I pay for everything on it lol, I am proud of how far it's come in...
  6. Wanted
    Need a set of 4 OEM escalade handles, chrome pull must be in good shape Also looking for a set of clear denali headlights Need a set of DL3 mirrors with chrome or paintable caps Also need the sharkfin off an 06-07 truck
  7. General GM Discussions
    Ive recently swapped a 5.3 into my 03 Sierra base model single cab (was a factory 4.3) and I got a wiring harness out of a 02 suburban. My problem is that when I go to turn the key to accessory power it starts cranking the engine over, it does this in all key positions. Ive replaced the starter...
  8. Interior
    Hey all, I’ve been looking for 2nd row bucket oem-style bottom seat covers for my 2001 Suburban. I’ve searched the usual suspects and eBay. No luck so far. Lots of front row choices, no 2nd row. Does anyone have a source for these? Alternately, can front row bucket covers be made to work in...
1-8 of 8 Results