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  1. Engine & Performance
    Hey guys, I know there are a couple threads on some similar issues, but I need some specific help and advice. I have been battling a recurring EVAP issue for a while, and I'm not entirely sure where to go from here. I keep getting the "Tighten Fuel Cap" message, along with codes P0455 (large...
  2. Engine & Performance
    bought this 2001 silverado with a 5.3 payed a guy to do swap out the cam and clutch fan to efans ,he tuned it with hp tuners but now the ac turn off when the truck is at a stop light but compressor turns on as soon as I press the gas and go. works fine when in park and sometimes it shifts to...
  3. Interior
    How To Remove 2018 GMC Sierra and Chevy Silverado Door Sills
  4. Wheels and Tires
    Hey everyone. I just bought a 2004 silverado 2500hd with a 6 inch lift. Right now I have 315/75r16's on it. I am looking to get new rims and tires and I was wanting to get a skinnier tire to put on there. I am looking at a 285/75r18. This tire would be about an inch skinnier the way I understand...
  5. Introduction
    Well it's been a while since i've visited this website. The firt time I introduced my self I was 14, with a bone stock NBS. Well I am now 16 with the same NBS but it's no longer stock. Although it's still a work in progress as I pay for everything on it lol, I am proud of how far it's come in...
  6. Lifted Suspension & Offroad
    I have a 2016 Silverado that came stock with 22" wheels. Through my shopping around and research, I have found that tires for this size wheel, for a truck with a 5" lift, are not very tall. You can see in the picture the tires leave plenty of room between them and the top of the fender. I am not...
  7. General GM Discussions
    I have a 1998 Chevy Z71 that has silverado badges on it. I have been told they didn't make silverados until 99. I have owned this truck since around 2000. Can someone tell me what the deal is?
  8. General GM Discussions
    I traded in my 2001 Silverado 2500hd duramax for a 2001 Silverado 1500, I had purchased aftermarket headlights for my 2500 but never installed them, will they work on my 1500?
  9. 7035457B-F721-44F8-85F4-DE4CE3FFE110.jpeg

    All black front end, black head lights, LEDs in Low beams & the fog lights I put in, switchback turn signals, LED light bar behind black billet grill, custom carbon fiber wrapped bow tie....
  10. General GM Discussions
    So I have a 2007 Chevy silverado 1500 4.8 V8 And I started noticing the tranny leak so I looked under and seen the outputshaft seal and bushing were both popped off So I tried replacing bushing but didn’t fit right so I ordered new tail shaft extension housing came with bushing and seal...
  11. Lifted Suspension & Offroad
    I have a 2005 2WD Silverado and I just recently bought a 3” Rough Country lift kit to put on. I also have 2 or 3” coil spring spacers and I was wondering if I could install both of these to achieve a larger lift for cheaper than buying a 4.5 or 6” lift kit... Does anyone know if this is...
  12. General GM Discussions
    I have a 2004 silverado 2500 6.0 with a 4l60e trans. When I am doing 80 on the freeway, it runs at 3000 rpm. Does this sound right? The shop that had just rebuilt my trans had said that my p0300 (random misfire) code is keeping my torque converter from locking up. Does this sound right?
  13. Street Suspension
    Can someone please help me & guide me.. just purchased my first ever truck it’s a 08 Silverado extended Cab z71 4x4 and it’s lifted don’t khow how much but I wanna Lower my truck. Can someone please guide me on what I need to purchase to do it my self?? Thanks in advance
  14. Lifted Suspension & Offroad
    Which 14 bolt 10.5” ff can I use on my 2000 Chevy Silverado 1500 z71? What type of vehicle would I pull it from?
  15. Introduction
    Hey there everyone! I just bought a 2011 Silverado ECSB 4x4 with 128k and am loving it so far. I've had it tinted and leveled using Bilstein 5100 series adjustable shocks, as well as replace the spark plugs and wires with ACDelco components and plugged in a Range AFM disabler. I've also removed...
  16. General GM Discussions
    Just purchased this 89 Silverado from a friend who had purchased it some years ago from a friend of his. When he purchased it, it had its factory white color but he decided to paint it using some sort of undercoating paint or whatever. My dad had an 89 extended cab with rear seating, so when he...
1-16 of 16 Results