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  1. Street Suspension
    Not sure if I am posting in the right place but my 97 C1500 Silverado steering wheel slop is driving me crazy, I put in a new steering box, rag joint, pitman and idler arm, new inner and outer tie rods, got an alignment and still have play in the wheel, tried adjusting the box, didnt help. its...
  2. Interior
    alright guys, i have done an insane amount of research, and aside from 3 videos on YouTube, there are almost ZERO finished write-ups or walk throughs, and next to NOTHING for resolved threads on steering wheel conversions. thanks to YouTube, i DO know that: 99-02 wheels with controls...
  3. Maintenance
    Hey guys, my 1997 K1500 is well overdue for a steering box. 368k miles. I’ve redone the whole front end so there’s obviously slop in the box still. What’s everyone using for a stock replacement? Tried a couple cheap remans just still doesn’t feel all that good. I’m only running 33s and a...
1-3 of 3 Results