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  1. Interior
    Hi I would like to ask for a favour. I need a heating seats circuit for Chevrolet Suburban 2004. Do know where can I find it or maybe you will be able to send me a photo of it? Thank you in advance for your help/
  2. Introduction the 1993 K1500 Suburban w 188k that I just purchased. Just replaced the windshield, put on some heavy duty brakes for towing, new differential and got a detail and tune up. Next is headliner, intake, 6inch lift and bigger tires/suspension. And... we'll go from there...
  3. Under Construction
    Hey guys, we'll its been about.. 10 years since I've posted here. But ever since I've always wanted a Suburban 2500 as my dream truck. Well, the day has finally come. After 5 years of actually searching, I've found the truck that ticked every box I was looking for. Okay yeah, she's a bit of...
  4. Engine & Performance
    So I've been looking thru posts of people going to the junk yards to source efan swap kits out of 2005-2006 trucks and such to ditch their Clutch Fans with. I havent seen much on Nelson Performance's Wiring Harness kits so I decided to make one. I have a 2003 Suburban that came with clutch fans...
  5. Engine & Performance
    There has been talk on here about cleaning injectors and how to do that. But I believe that sometimes purchasing rebuilt injectors is worth the money whether its for a daily driver or for a new build. But there is always speculation about who what when and where is the best place to get them and...
  6. Engine & Performance
    Finally got my MBRP exhaust installed on my Z71 Burb. I wasn’t sure how I’d like the rumble inside with kids and such but it turned out to be very subtle. Check it out and tell me what y’all think. Next up is the LS9 Cam swap and some mote tuning. I already tuned it and turned the PINS on and...
  7. Engine & Performance
    Hey guys I’m looking at replacing my transmission in my 1997 GMC Sierra 1500 Z71. I found a fairly new GM crate transmission 4L60E out of a 2004 GMC Suburban Z71 local to me. Would I be able to make that trans work in my 97’ or is there too much difference in the newer 4L60E’s? Thanks!
  8. Audio & Electronics
    Hey all, Back with another question here, I am wondering whether or not it is possible to install a climate control module from a higher trim level such as this 2003 - 2006 Yukon - Digital Climate Control Module $69.00 - $250.00 in a LS suburban which came with this Dorman® 599-025 -...
1-8 of 8 Results