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  1. Engine & Performance
    My '02 Tahoe 4.8L had an intermittent Engine light. I never got the codes because it went out and I had it inspected. It runs very smoothly and the mileage is actually pretty good. Eventually the light stayed on and I checked the codes and saw that both rear O2 sensors had low activity (140...
  2. Lifted Suspension & Offroad
    I got a 04 Tahoe stock I’m looking to throw a lift on, nothing crazy just a 3-4 inch lift. I was wondering if anyone could give me a estimate or price range or how much installment would cost for a shop or somewhere to install the lift for.. appreciate it thanks!
  3. General GM Discussions
    I changed calipers on the truck did ABS bleed wit tech2 the pedal was frim yhen i started the truck an lost pedal how tf do u bleed these brakes tryed 10 times an went thru about gallon of brakes fliud plz help I just finish doing the whole fuel system and got it to run right and now I can't get...
  4. General GM Discussions
    Truck was sitting for 4 years I'm getting code po300 an code p0171 I replace plugs wires coil packs throttle body air intake still is running rough an smoking can anyone tell me wats wrong with this fucking truck
  5. General GM Discussions
    Having a bit of an issue in my 2007 Tahoe LTZ. First off every time I turn the car on (the wipers are set to off) the window wipers go 3 and a half times & stop right in the middle of my windshield. They also are not automatically going back down to their resting position when I shut them off...
  6. 1997 Tahoe

    1997 Tahoe
  7. IMG_3722.JPG

    1997 Tahoe
  8. IMG_3723.JPG

    1997 Tahoe
  9. IMG_4087 2.PNG

    1997 Tahoe
  10. IMG_5945 2.JPG

    1997 Tahoe
  11. IMG_5946 2.JPG

    1997 Tahoe
1-11 of 11 Results