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  1. Engine & Performance
    How’s it going everyone. I just installed a Texas speed stage 2 cam with valve springs on my 5.3. Also got a bigger intake manifold and installed long tube header and now my truck won’t stay on past idle. I’m assuming it’s due to it needing a tune. Anyone else ever had this problem??
  2. Engine & Performance
    I currently have a '08 1500 2WD with 2.23 gear ratio, I believe (I can't find any paperwork for my truck). The stock diameter that I got with the truck was 29.5" and I've upgraded to a 33.5" tire. It's obvious that braking, power, and MPGs have all suffered. I know how to fix the braking issue...
  3. Engine & Performance
    I just finished swapping a low miles 4.8 from an 05 silverado 2wd into my 02 z71 that had a 5.3 that developed a severe knock around 290k miles. I have read that a tune will be required for the 4.8, who should i take it to for that and what does that usually cost? I live in Tucson and I'm...
1-3 of 3 Results