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02 1500HD CC 2WD lift questions

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I've done the search thing, and need more info on a 6" lift kit for my 02 1500HD CC 2WD w/ 3.73 gears.

I've been quoted anywhere between $2000 - $2700 for either FabTech's or RCD's 6" lift kit installed. But I have a few more ?'s:
- Do those prices sound about right?
- Are there any other kits I should consider?
- Can anyone recommend a shop in No. CA (Sacramento, CA)? I've talked to Whiplash, 4 Wheel Parts, Central 4WD, and Les Schwab so far?
- I was thinking abot running 315's? That sound OK?

Thanks in advance for you help. And pics would be greatly appreciated.
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Those lift prices sound a little high the 6" RCD should be like $1800 or maybe less. The fabtech should be even cheaper like $1600. Im just talking about the lift kits nothing else. I would gett he RCD it one of the best kits out for a good price IMO. 315's should fit with maybe a little trimming.
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