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02 GMC crew-cab door lock problem

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I've had my 02 GMC crew-cab for about 2.5 years and originally put in a Sidewinder remote start/alarm into it. About 3 months ago, I upgraded to the Viper 791XV 2-way remote start/alarm and it's been working perfectly.

I noticed this morning that only the driver's door will lock/unlock via the Viper remote. Also, only the driver's door will lock/unlock via either the driver and passenger door switches. The 3 other door locks (passenger front and both rear doors) have stopped working for some reason.

I've had no problems w/ the locks in over 2.5 years, and originally installed the alarm per a DEI tech sheet. I connected the positive door lock outputs of the alarm directly to the lt. blue (lock) and white (unlock) at the BCM. My thinking is that if one of the alarm wires came loose, that the door lock would stop functioning all together, but still work with the factory switches.

I'll probably look at it tonight, but I was wondering if anyone had any ideas on what to check.

Thanks in advance.
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A year, WOW! I could barely stand it for a couple hours.
lazy ass!
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