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After all my S/C hiatus and what not I decided to put the stock intake manifold back on and just drive the truck, maybe Im growing up ( I hope not) but the idea of a reliable DD is pretty enticing right now. Anyways, Im still getting a code for a heated o2 sensor problem and was wondering if anyone had a better idea then the ones Im having right now.
On the drivers side of my 2500HD 6.0 theres 3 different connectors, one is the triangular/ trapezoid looking one which I believe is my secondary o2 sensor (correct me if im wrong) and behind that there is 2 square ( with rounded edges) connectors that I pulled one of my o2 sensors out of. My question is wtf is the other one for? and which style connector is my primary o2 sensor?
Did they change in 07 for the NNBS ? I know my truck is a jumblefu(k of different stuff from the two years but jesus...

Keep in mind, pacesetters, no cats, etc....

Any help is greatly appriciated as usual...trying to get this thing good for the pismo meet :p
It runs as it is, but not well.... :(
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