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03-04 Tail Light Conversion

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I was wondering if someone could tell me a good place to get the 03-04 Tails and the plugs to change out on my 00' Silverado?
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Off anoter truck, late at night :read: ...... Just kidding.

Try Ebay first.... and at all costs, avoid the Stealership.
I was thinking about the other truck thing late at night....but my conscious got the best of me. lol
You have to change the plugs for the lights too, right?
You can, but there are some members on here who have spliced into the original harness and wired them up. I think there is tech article on this mod.
I got impatient and went and got them at the dealer. No waiting, and i know their in good shape. You get what u pay for..... in most cases.
I got mine off of came with the wiring harness and bulbs ready to install.
The stealership or

Here are the p/n's :

15198462 RH
15198463 LH

If you buy new, then you'll know that you're getting brand new and un-used parts. With that being said, there are a lot of decent quaility ones on Ebay if you are willing to take the risk....
You don't need the whole harness, BUt I'd try and get the bulbs and sockets from the 03/04's if I were you. Just makes life a whole lot easier :imo
Thats what I was thinking too but, I almost thought I was wrong
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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