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well i got most of the stuff to swap my 2000 silvy over to the 03+ front bug i got some questions i need some answers too. just wanna make sure i got all my ducks lined up before i starting ripping it apart.

-what headlights bulbs are used in the 03 headlights? are they the same as my 2000?
-the rods that hold the headlights (L-shaped things) are those the same ?
-is the cover that goes on top of the core support different? (i assume so)
-grille clips, are they the same those turn and lock things i got on mine and the clips of the ends?

any input on making this go smoothly would be appreciated. i think i got everything i need
-04 hood
-front fenders

gonna build a bumper like the crew cab silvy on the october 06 offroad
i think i'm set, thanks in advance.
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