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03 has a low speed wobble and vibes

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Trying to figure out what's wrong with my truck , when it starts off moving , the steering wheel has like a bump wobble at low speed and vibes as it speeds up . I'm thinking it's a wheel bearing in the right front .

The front end was rebuilt last summer with Moog parts , tie rods (inner and outer) , upper and lower ball joints , and has edlebrock shocks on it .

I have not jacked it up yet , truck has been parked since thursday , ( had oral surgery friday).

If it's wheel bearings I'll go with Rockauto , just looking for some opinions before I start checking .

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Yea , I thought about that .

I'm going to rotate the tires and if the vibe is still in the front .
Found the problem , right front tire had a bump on it , moved it to the rear and ordered a new tire .

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