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parts are:
dash kit
antenna adapter
harness to retain chimes and rap
6 3/4 component speakers (with tweeters) or oversized 6 1/2s
4x6 speakers
well, just check out what forklift said...

Also, The harness that he mentioned is really expensive but it does retain the factory chimes...

I used a simple truck harness on my install because its 10k times cheaper and it gets rid of the chimes......

Look on ebay for a dash kit, and adapter you can usually find these bundled is just as good as another.

speakers are up to you.

Also on a crew cab I would suggest jack relocation, removing some of that plastic and such, and using a behind the seat set up.....only because seats in a crew cab are different from an extended cab and under box seats are a beeyotch in a crew cab
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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