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i have a 04 silverado, i did the 06 conversion.

i have some dings and scraps on the truck and i want to get the truck all painted allllllllll white.. 100% white. i am a painter of houses not cars. but white clothes is a must so i said why not a pure white truck....

the truck was repainted before i bought it. i could tell after i debaged it a little...

i want to get the handles painted, but u no it has that bumpy texture on them. and i want to prep everything so its less expensive at the paint shop. do i lightly sand them or u guys sand them perfectly smooth?? same question about the mirror. cant remeber if the mirrors are textured??

i also wana do the bumoer, same question... i have no chrome bumper its just black...

the grill i think i just sand the chrome with 400 plus paper right? and just prime right??
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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