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05 silverado int. rear view mirror

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I picked up an 05 silverado mirror with the compass and temperature reading in it for my 07 silverado. The 16 pin connector plugged right in; but, I have a small bundle of wires coming out of the mirror and they are attached to a small circuit board. Anybody have any freakin' idea what this is or where it is supposed to be mounted.
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Do you have a plastic box mounted to where the mirror attaches to the glass? If not, the circuit board may be the "brains" of the compass. Does the compass function work? I installed one in my '07 classic a couple of months ago and love it.
i think that is the brains for the compass.... hey where did ya get it at . im looking for one right now for my 06 sierra i broke mine last night. i need one with out the lights though..
I found out what went wrong. I didn't have the plastic box that mounts around the base of the mirror. I returned the one I bought on ebay and purchased another one off ebay. Funny, the second one was $20 cheaper and had the plastic box. The second one I purchased from ebay was from Lkqonline. It was from an 05 model. Keep checkin' and they will eventually have one without onstar. Just make sure it has the plastic box around the base w/ wires running to it. If not---nothing will work. Mark is right----it needs its brains to work--unlike me I work pretty well without one!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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