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05 Yukon Factory Bose w/RSE - Operation issues

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I have owned my 05 Yukon XL equipped with the OEM Bose, and RSE system for almost a year. To be honest I am not looking for a thumpin' system, just want it to work the way it should from the factory for my kids enjoyment, and my sanity.

Here are the symptoms I am facing:
  • With the rear RSE unit off and the Bose head unit on sound only comes out of the front doors. I can fluctuate volume with the knob.
  • With the rear RSE unit on and the Bose head unit on sound will come from the entire vehicle. However, I can't control any of the volume with the RSE on. Volume only seems to control the front speakers, not the back leaving the radio loud.
  • The wired headphones jacks don't work in the rear even with the RSE on.
  • The RSE system will play DVDs in the roof mounted Panasonic unit, and it's loud!
  • I think my center console sub is shot (or maybe the amp?). The truck has 0 bass notes even turned up in settings on thw head unit.
Has anyone had issues like this? I want to retain the OEM system, just want in to work right. Goals below:
  • Be able to control RSE volume at the radio head unit.
  • Have the kids wired headphones work in the 3.5-mm jacks.
  • Get bass back.
I have tried replacing the rear RSE unit in the rear of the console with a junkyard one. Same symptoms exist. Any ideas? I'm worried it's an issue with the head unit. Something is not allowing connection with the RSE and allowing all functions. Below pic has the RSE unit I swapped in.