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06' silverado crew cab subs under back seat

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the crew cab seats have very very little room under the backseat and i was curious as to who out there has come across this problem and what did yall do? i no you need to order that special box thats custom made for that seat. i know it will fit two tens and what brand did of subs did yall use? how much did the subs and box cost? im working on a udget and just trying to get a rough estimate of what i will need
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well i no you can get the box at its about 150 and they said it can only fit 8's or 10's and they menton a specific 8 that sounds good and fits but didnt mention a 10
how much did it cost (bakerboy)? for subs and box?
the HD boxes wont fit my truck.... its different... the box they make for mine will only hold a 10 or 8 unfortunately
1 - 3 of 7 Posts
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