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I have a 2007 NBS GMC Sierra with factory CD. It is not the Bose system.

Today, I had a Memphis MClass 4 channel amp and four Memphis MClass 6-1/2" speakers installed at a local shop. Kept the factory head unit.

Here's the list of problems.

The amp would not trigger, so they wired it through the O2 sensor fuse as a temporary fix.

Amp turns on with ignition, but the 10 minute delay between ignition off and door open is gone.

Fade from front to rear does not function properly. Put fade fully to front, all speakers go silent. One click toward rear, and all speakers have low volume equally. Volume equally increases at all speakers as fade is moved more toward rear.

Cannot isolate any individual speakers. Can only isolate both left speakers together. Pretty sure this is because Fade does not work properly.

Front right speaker has distortion, most noticeable on conversation stations like XM PR and all AM stations. Put Balance fully to left speakers, and distortion is gone. One click toward right speakers, and distortion sets in and gains as Balance is shifted more toward the right speakers.

All chimes for door open, seat belt, turn signal are gone.

Any ideas or suggestions?

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Im guessing a few things need to be fixed. One, they need to setup a LOC for both the front and rear, sounds like all they did was the rear and split it.
theres a connector in the sides of the dash where they can tag a 12v+ that will give them radio on and the delay. If they pull out the connector its a yellow wire in the top connector, usually empty.
All the door chimes are gone becuase they didnt tap the front speakers, only the rear.
as far as distortion, Im guessing they might have crossed something up, guessing
have them fix it and stop going there. I mean Jesus I work for Best Buy and know better than what they did. Print this and hand it to them if you like, I hate shitty installers
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