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Seems I've blown a front and a rear speaker in my 07 NNBS ext. cab, non-Bose. Looking at getting Polk DXi 6500 components for the front and Polk DXi 650 coax for the rear. Also considering a similar Infinity Reference or Kappa setup. I'm going for the most volume and bass possible with the stock HU and no sub, although I might add a small sub later. The Polk is 92db sensitvity and goes down to 35hz, the Infinity is louder at 93db but only goes down to 45hz (Kappa) or 53hz (Reference and more in my price range). Any input on sound between the two brands? And should I not worry about low end and just face the fact I'll have to add a small sub/amp soon?

How is the front factory speaker wiring? Is there a crossover? If so is it in the wiring or HU? Do I just wire the components in, wire the door to the crossover and then to the tweeter, or splice the crossover in in place of a factory one?
Clearly, you need a sub. Now. The LAST concern with door speakers should be bass, because that's not what they are designed for. Below 80 hz they will be useless for output. That's why you blew all your speakers to start with. The sensitivity you're looking at is NOT an indication of how loud they are. The frequency response is also total BS. That supposed "response" may be at a 10 dB loss, or more. There is no standard of measure for that. A 6.5" will play 10 hz, but not well.

The factory wiring doesn't have a crossover in it, it's full range off the HU. Just treat it like any other speaker wire.
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