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Truck was a wrote off from theft and they ended up burning the inside.
Truck has:
-move front bumper
-fab tech lift
-fully deleted 4” mbrp exhaust
-bullydog tuner
-five star industries custom deck

Trucks getting:
-Escalade dash and console
-Denali interior (seats,door panels,headliner,carpet,ext)
-vertical touchscreen deck
-fully sound deadened
-lift pump
-22.5 super singles in the front and 22.5s in the back
-35s or 37s
-painting coco brown metallic
-decks getting re worked so I can use it as a sled hauler to
-factory front bumper
I’m sure I’ll add other stuff along the way.

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I'm in for the content too.

So glad you're doing a factory front bumper.

Last time i tried to run 22.5 Alcoas on a 3500 Chevy, the adapters were so stupid expensive that i decided it wasn't worth it. What wheels are you wanting to run?

I've always wanted to see what one would look like super single rear, standard width front. I know that's not what you're doing. But i almost tried once lol
1 - 20 of 213 Posts