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08 sierra wont crank over, any ideas?

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hey all i have a 2008 sierra rcsb wt and i took the battery out to crank over a boat i was selling and after i get done with the boat i put it back in the truck and it wont turnover. not getting any dead battery clicks or even a weak try, when i turn the key all the dash lights go off... i tried cleaning all contacts, the mega fuse, the main ground to the block, hot cable to starter, new battery, tested all fuses, switched the starter relay with a known good one still nothing. got almost 13 volts from the batt everywhere i check radio works good lights nice n bright. been pulling my hair out for a few days now reading everything i could think to try before having to have it towed a good long ways to the nearest dealership. tried the key relearn procedure but my security light isnt staying on for ten min like they say it should. a freind of mine whos a mechaninc said he read online to jump pins 80 and 37 on the relay spot to see if itd crank, tried that with the key on to run and the engine was crankin over good and fast but not trying to fire (like a no fuel or spark).
so im lost does anyone think they might have any ideas before i have her towed in?
i took a video of the dash lights if that might help
thanks in advance ive read everything i could find in here and a bunch of other forums and found alot of helpful info but nothing has seemed to work for me so far...
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