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1/4 Mile Times And Mods!!!!!!!

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Alright lets start this again.......Lets post up the 1/4 mile times everybody....
also post mods youve done

i ran a 15.414 @89

I have a extended cab 5.3L with K&N FIPK2, Edelbrock headers, flows, HPP3.

:rocking: :rocking: :rocking:
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15.503 @ 91mph

HPP3 , Throttle Body Spacer , Flowmaster , K&N FIPK , 3.73 Gears

4.8 Auto
7212.32 secs @ 5 mph

I live my life 10 mins at a time b/c for thoose 10 mins or less, i'm free.

ok jk, never taken my truck to the track, but street racing was fun. Stopped now though, too dangerous.
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1/4 mile : Yes. :grin:

Mods: K&N drop in, exhaust.
15.3 @ 89
My R/T and 60' were awsome on that run

not sure of my times.......but everyone i have asked quotes me mid to high 12's...maybe low 13's
Don't know but I have a K&N FIPK2, HPP3, Flow(40 series) on a 4.8 auto. I don't imagine I'd do too well as it is with the 22's and 4 12's weighin me down.
I'm going to LACR friday night so I should have my times up saturday if I'm not busy.

Heh, its more like a 17.2 @ 90
15.38 on mine @ 88.66 mph but that wasn't a Chevy.

Great forum! :evillol:
15.44 @ 88mph. all stock except for a drop in k and n filter and cheap mufflers and dumps and cheap tires. dont ask me why its faster than most trucks with 5.3L automatic with 3.42 open differential.
Fast enough to catch up to the little civics and run their ass over.

No times really, have dumped exhaust, HPP3, K&N drop in, and a descreened MAFS - its enough to get my big ass up and moving.
[email protected] mph 2001 RCSB 4.8/ 3.42 one wheel peel gears
This time was before the drop and all I had was HPP3, drop in K&N, and open exhaust.
might i add that one wheel peel sucks and is really embarassing when you are trying to be cool.
Well I ran at LACR friday night pulled 16.4 @ 82mph in the hoe, nothing done to it just bone stock. I evevn beat a GT mustang he ran a 17.5 :eek:wned2:

wow, I wonder what I would run in mine with HPP3, FIPK, and exhaust, 180* stat.

.... it's a REG Cab short bed 5.3 with 3:73's
My friend is thinking about buying a G-Tech scanner. It is supposed to give tell you your 1/4 mile time, HP, 0-60 time, braking time, top speed an so on.... But does anyone know if they reilly work. Any info would help. Or is anyone selling one?
my best time is [email protected] .i've got an 02 silverado regular cab with a K&N FIPK2 air intake, flowmaster 40 series muffler, and a Helix throttle body spacer.
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