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1 ton torsion bars

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ok heres the deal i have a 2001 z71 with a 6inch cst lift. i have my torsion bars cranked almost all the way and the front has sagged bout 3/4 of an inch lower than the rear. well my neighbor has a 2003 3500 that he put on air bags on and he told me i could have his torsion bars for free. will they work?? would the ride be unbearably stiff? plus i plan on puttin a front end replacement on eventually prolly a arb. thanks for the help josh
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Can I replace my half ton bars with HD ones?

Yes, you can. The advantage to this is that it will take more weight to get your front end to sag and the bars will last longer. This is good if you have a heavy aftermarket bumper, winch or brush guard. The bars are not a plug and play swap though, the bars themselves are indexed differently and there is no way you can load the HD bars with green keys, at least on the GL bars I used. Lighter duty bars may load easier. To solve this problem you can get the less indexed purple keys. Even then you will have a hard time loading them and they will give you a lot of lift when not cranked at all, which still has the negative effects. If you want the heavier bars with no more lift over stock you can use ford keys and rotate them so they are under clocked and they will load very easily this way. It gives you maybe even less lift than stock though and I would not recommend this – there will be almost no preload on the bars and they wont ride very well. If you want to just gain a little lift or stay at the stock height with heavier bars you could take a set of purple keys to a machine shop and have some keys made they are indexed less. I would index them about the same amount less that the purple are from the green. In other words say there is a 10 degree difference between purple and green, I would do 10 more degrees from purple/20 from green.
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