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Hey all, my friends 10 bolt on his '86 k10 is giving some trouble. hes only running 33's so we didnt feel the need to drop a ff14b in :anitoof:

Anyway, he shattered the 2 spider gears in the carrier. I woud call them the "top and bottom" ones.. well when it took them out, it nicked up the axleshaft spiders pretty bad so we figured we'd replace all of them while we were at it.

The ring & pinion is just fine so thats no problem..
We already have some spiders lined up to put in it, but were having trouble removing the bad/worn ones.

we pulled the bolt out, dropped the center pin out and jacked the rearend up. Pushed in on the tire and the axleshaft sticks out to slide the c-clip out. Well the c-clip is imbedded in the spider gear and we cant get the axleshaft to slide any farther to the inside to pop it out. it catches the edge of the spider gear by about an 8th of an inch, not even.
I already tried prying it out with a screw driver but i know their supposed to fall out. We whacked on the end with a sledge hammer (outside end) and it wont give any.

Are we missing something? any tricks?


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willyswanter said:
You still have the tires on??? Take the tires off and take the drums off, then push the axle shaft in and you will have plenty of room.
With the bolt and pin removed all you should have to do is place a metal bar or broom stick or something to brace the carrier (so it doesn't turn). With that in place turn a tire and the spiders should turn which will move the upper and lower spiders out of position so you can remove them. Once they are gone just slide out the c-clips and pull the drivers/passenger side spiders out. Real simple.
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