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Make an offer on any of the stuff, anything reasonable, I really want my garage space back. Ill even deliver a reasonable distance or meet someone half way. I just want the stuff gone.

I have axles from a 76 3/4 Ton chevy truck.

Front is a Dana 44, with 4.10s and an open diff. $200 obo

Rear is a 14 Bolt with 4.10s and an open diff. $200 obo

Both include all the brakes and stock 16" rims with some old tires on them. They are both rusty and need to be cleaned up and painted. I did open them up and everything apears to be good inside.

I really want to get rid of these so $350 OBO if you take them both.

I also have the TH350 / NP203 from the same truck. I was told the transmission was rebuilt a few years ago and then the motor died so it was parked but I cant verify the condition of either $200 obo

I have pictures, if your interested I will email them to you.
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