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17X9 Chrome Helo Maxx 6 wheels

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I am thinking of selling my 17X9 Helo Maxx 6 wheels (6x5.5) and I want to see if anyone is interested in them. I have had them on my truck for about 2500 miles and they are in great shape. They do not have any curb marks or scratches on them. I am asking $650 OBO plus shipping. Here are a few pic of them on my truck.

NEW LOW PRICE**********$550 PLUS SHIPPING*************

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klemmentine said:
I'm surprised nobody has offered you anything yet... i think they look badass.

I'm going to buy tires probably within the next 2-4 weeks, so i'll let you know if i decide to go the 17" route, cause i would love to buy them from you.

I'm worried about how much the shipping would be though... like $20 a wheel i'm guessing.

I'll pm you if i go the 17" route, otherwise good luck selling.
Yeah me too. I thought these wheels would be a quick sale.:shrug:

What size tire do you plan to go with? Do you plan on going bigger then a 35?

As far as shipping I would think $20-$25 a wheel would be enough. Also, if you give me $100 for shipping and it is less I will refund you the difference. I really don't want the shipping to blow the deal for anyone. Let me know.
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