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1954 Chevy 3100 Build

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I picked up a '54 Chevy truck a few weeks ago. Until recently, havent had much time to do anything to it other than roll it off the trailer. Mostly original

Here it is the day I brought it back:

Been tinkering with it the last couple weekends and a few days a night, with the help of my dad, its now running with the original motor. Whoever had it before me switched it to a floor shift, which is functioning but I've got a few kinks in the linkage Im still working out. It was kind of rigged in so working with what I've got. Spent last weekend reworking the brakes over. Wrapped up most of the lighting today. Headlights, signals, tails. Waiting on my seat kit to show up.

my temporary seat

The plans:
Leaving the exterior body 100% original. Only change I hope to make is a new old driver side rear fender without the spare tire dish. If I can paint it up to look old and original, I'll swap it out. If I cant, I guess Ill buy another wheel/tire to mount.

Going to take the body and mount it onto a new frame. Add power steering, brakes, turn to 12volt, ect. Going to put it on bags, with the body mounted low. Wheels and tires are going old school. Factory wheels, white walled tires.

Undecided on the interior. Part of me whats to restore it to semi original, part of me wants to just throw in a seat and leave the rest of it alone. All the glass is good in it, needs new weather stripping of course, all thats on the way.

Powertrain is still up in the air. Im leaning to a cammed 6.0 with a t56. I dont need, or want, a powerhouse of a motor, just something strong with a nice sound. Reliability is what Im going for with this build.
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This is VERY COOL!!!! :thumbsup:

Can't wait to see the build progress.....
cant wait to see this take shape.
Sounds like a great project! I like the plans
Seen few trucks done like this. I love them. Sounds like good plans
How did it take me this long to find this thread. Looks good broseph

My dad's first truck was a '51 chevy
Had one of these and like a dummy sold cause I never could find time or money to tinker on it . It somebody's yard orniement for pic now lolz
very nice...treat her right...I've got a 54' 6400 i'm restoring :read:
This is gonna be awesome.
Any updates on this???
Any updates on this???
err, sadly not much lol. I've got it running solid, but works been so busy I havent had much time to get into tearing it apart. It is fun to drive around in as it sits though. Hopefully I'll get the ball rolling on it within the next few months.
Nice, i've been keeping my eye out for one of these for several months now. Really want a 54 GMC 5 window, impossible to find, but last night i stumbled across 53 thats been sitting in barn for the last ?? years. Hopefully you'll get time and we can see more progress in months to come!
Fun Build, love the 50's trucks! Keep posting updates even though i know how slow old builds go. Got a 56 F100 my dad and i finished, can't wait to do my own in a few years.
1 - 15 of 15 Posts
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