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I had done this car a few times, but after a few corrections I recommended we coat the car this time. I knew it would continue to get swirled up as its wiped down constantly as it goes to most Corvette and classic car shows in the Bay Area. The owner is also extremely active in welcoming troops home from deployment and gives them rides in the car, equipped with flags and all (the posts attached to the back serve is purpose). The owner liked the idea of not diminishing any more of the clear (was restored in the 80's with base/clear) than necessary.

Getting started... the usual swirls from constant wipedowns at carshows.



Hand painted script taped off with a safe border

Pre-existing damage from poor alignment of the trunk lid

Laying down on the job..........and getting it done


Can't post a car like this and not post engine pics!


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"The 'Vette gets em wet"

Have you instructed the owner to stop wiping the car down with sandpaper? j/k

Nice polish work!
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