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1981 gmc sierra classic

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I have recently run across a 1981 GMC sierra classic that is for sale and I am looking for any sort of information, and what they generally run for dollar wise. I couldn't get much information, the owner didn't pick up when I called, but what I have so far is as listed:

Manual trans. Lift kit, Baja Claw tires, 4x4, trailer hitch, it has 490xxx on the odometer but I am assuming it has a rebuilt. The body is in beautiful condition, box liner, metal trim, very slick looking truck.
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$5000(Cdn) is what I thought at first as well, he has it listed at $8500 obo though. Reliability wise though what general things tend to come up with the age and whatnot.

I'd really love this truck but I need to convince the pops that its worth selling my 1990 honda with only 170xxx for a truck that'll go through the same a mount of gas in a week that i do in a month and all that jazz.
1 - 2 of 3 Posts
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